Monday, June 30, 2008


Halfway through my trip through Kansas, I was pulled over. Apparently my California license plate is suspicious, and the state trooper thought I was a drug trafficker and searched my car, bags, and even under the car! I made it out alive though, thank god I cut off the Jew fro! 

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Young Marines- At home shoot 6/29/08

Today I had three shoots at the homes of 5 Young Marines. I think it is important to show the personal and family life of these teens/kids as well as the training in the actual program. The first one is of two brothers whose father had two tours in Iraq. The second and third ones are of a brother and sister whose eldest sibling is in the navy. The fourth one is of an eight year old, Connor, and his parents. The posed portrait has never been my strength, but I feel I am getting better at it and start to enjoy it more, especially as I am more influenced by artists such as Larry Sultan and Reneke Dijkstra.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

6/28/08- Douglas County Young Marines Shoot

So today I photographed a local Young Marines unit in Parker, CO. It was great to get a more suburban setting for the subject as compared to my previous, more urban coverage. I also haven't extensively shot the subject since my digital transition, and it was really interesting to see the difference in my style over time. I also shot posed, up close Thomas Ruff style portraits using a reflector.  I also got a good amount of audio and will be doing some home interviews tomorrow.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 3- 6/27/08

So no car problems today. I drove across CO and saw some great views of mountains. There was even still some snow! It is quite interesting to see other states in comparison to CA. So much of our state is developed, where places like this go undeveloped for miles. I'll be in Parker, CO to photograph a young marines unit for a couple days(for my long term project). Parker is classic suburbia. I can't imagine anything here that was built more than  10 years ago.

Day 2- 6/26/08

So I had a little hitch in my trip- check this out-

My brand new tires turned out to be not so great. Good news is I got back on the road in a couple of hours and got these shots at this scenic view in Utah. The first shot is of a man on his way to S. Carolina with his family. Then a bus of tourists got came by. I took some shots of them and then got one of me with the group( I'm in the middle.) I then settled in Grand Junction, CO for the night-

So I started! Day 1 6/25/08

I left L.A. 2 days ago on the 25th on my way to Pittsburgh for my internship. My first stop was in Las Vegas, where it was ocver 100 degrees.  I picked up some interesting shots-


I then made my way to my first stop, St. George, UT. Nice orange cliffs, but not much to do.

This first one was of some mothers having a fast food dinner in the park. Very American. Next is in a pizza diner.